End of Book 4


People keep calling me "she" now.
No hesitation anymore. They just decided for me.
I don't want this life anymore.
But I don't want my book to end this way, so I called to schedule an appointment with a gender therapist.

A, sulking in bed, says, "Hey CareCredit, could you increase my limit to 5000?"
CareCredit website says, "We were unable to grant the full amount, but 5700$ are available to you immediately."
A says, "Oh."

178: End of Book 4

14th Aug 2018, 1:00 PM
adulthood, suicidal ideation, misgendering, depression, recovery, doctors, credit
A 14th Aug 2018, 1:00 PM edit delete
Now, if I ever feel this so strongly that I'm willing to destroy my credit score for relief, I can get surgery even if my insurance refuses to cover it.

I've been suffering since I was a young teenager, so there's certainly precedent enough to argue this isn't a fleeting whim.
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